HI, and welcome to my first tutorial of hopefully many to come. This first tutorial is very simple and more of a tutorial is a little trick that I found not everyone is aware of and I use it very useful in many situations. I came to that conclusion when one of my supervisors at work ask me to do so something really quick on Revit, and while she was there I did it (using this trick) and she found it really helpful. I hope some people out there find it helpful as well.

This trick can be useful, for instance when you want to override all elements of the same type on a view. You might be askin, but for that, I can use the select by category option. However, when you do it this way, it might select other elements from the same family that you don’t want to edit. For example, look at the picture below, all windows belong to the family window but you don’t want to edit all of them just the small square windows.

You can go ahead and select one by one, by selecting them with Ctrl=click to select all of them, but sometimes they are just too many and you have to go floor by floor and it takes some time. In order to expedite this process, there is an option on the right-click menu that lets you select all of them at once in the current views you are on called “select all instances in view”

In order to achieve this all you have to do is select one of the elements of the same type you want to edit then right-click, and under the section selected, you will see “select all instance in view” just click on it and it will select all of the elements in that view.

Once all desirable elements are selected in blue by Revit, you can either delete them, change them to another family or elements just by switching it in the properties panel, or any other change you want to make to those specific elements . In this case, we are going to override their graphics properties by turning them into a light gray.

Right click again on any of them and on the select menu go to “override graphics in view”, and then on the sub-menu make sure you select “by element”. Then all the elements selected in this view will turn to light gray.

That is it, very simple, but I find it to save huge amounts of time. I hope is something new that you hjavbe learned.

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